Live & Kicking on Kickstarter!

Just as National Advocate for the Arts day got underway, the production launched a unique campaign on the crowdsourcing online platform, Kickstarter.  For the price of a night out at the movies with a bucket of popcorn, we are urging indie arts project supporters everywhere to consider a virtual movie experience instead, and pledge to help our efforts to scan and preserve photos from Jini’s archive to use in the film.

Just as all arts should be, this is a very accessible campaign – that can connect many, many people coming together to contribute and it has a tangible result. The photos and, with them, Jini’s legacy are preserved for a wide audience to enjoy not only through the film, but for arts educational use in the future. Now, that leaves more of an impression than any night out at the movies!

We are hoping that if you like this idea, you will be inspired and consider sharing the campaign with your network, and be part of the effort to reach our minimum goal to scan essential photos for the film, and, maybe, help us add a few more to the list.

Twitter and Facebook are great ways to start a dialogue and share this link BUT the most successful crowdsourcing campaigns are the ones where word of mouth have really made the difference and helped projects get viral… and lots of clicks!