Marianne Spellman on Her Aim is True


This month we are featuring a terrific blog post written about Jini by Popthomology blogger and Jini documentary supporter, Marianne Spellman.

Marianne writes: “In thinking about the life of photographer Jini Dellacio, I am reminded of the difference between the rebellious and the independent spirit. The former is done in reaction to perceived or real oppression; the latter more a drive to always live by and express one’s uniqueness of heart and mind. Neither is an easy path to take in life. The rebel, indeed, always needs a cause, something to rail against or overcome, and there is enough inequity and injustice in the world to always provide a giant to topple. The independent has no such external fuel; he or she must have the sustained internal drive to remain true to self, while often facing criticism or roadblocks. The independent must at times walk alone, yet is richer for it.”

It’s a wonderful piece and we hope you will enjoy it. Read it here!