Be a Part of the Experience!

Telling Stories… In recent weeks I have been thinking more and more about what is so amazing to me about this and one of the reasons that I am a filmmaker is the positive impact that listening to, and sharing other people’s stories has with audiences. We are all on this journey that connects us. So, to enhance the experience of this documentary production about Jini’s life in art, photography and music the production blog will be hosting a memory bank wall. Anyone can post their reactions to Jini’s photography and hopefully, we will hear some stories and memories of the Pacific Northwest teen dance and rock n roll scene. This will link with our Facebook page as will so it could be a fun way to share memories from an incredible period of music and creativity with a new generation.

We would love to hear from anyone who recalls the Seattle rock n roll scene in the mid 60s but you don’t have to have been there! Just pass this on – maybe your relatives were hanging with bands like The Wailers, The Sonics, The Daily Flash. Who went to see Merrilee Rush, The Emergency Exit or Paul Revere & The Raiders? Perhaps it was The Bards or Don and The Goodtimes that got your attention. Were you part of the Teen Dance Scene at The  Tacoma Armory or Spanish Castle? Who remembers being in the audience at The Seattle Coliseum?

Share it with us. This could be your own snaps,  memorabilia or just a few sentences about some unforgettable moment. Our wall of memories, will be an integral part of the production blog as this film continues its journey to the big screen.

If you know anyone who might like to contribute, please email: