Summer Festival Roundup

From Sheffield to Silverdocs, it has been a hectic but exciting time for the production. Highlight of the Silverdocs festival was the session I attended on funding arts documentaries moderated by David Wilson, from the True/False Film Festival –incidentally, he is a big supporter of arts /character-driven docs like this! Molly Surno, Outreach Director, Kickstarter also commented on how much she loved the Jini Dellaccio documentary project, when I raised a point during the Q & A.

Given my experience of trying to find funding right now to complete the post production phase of this documentary, it was also interesting to hear from Tribeca Film Institute’s Ryan Harrington how rarely documentaries without a social change focus (aka ‘docs without a cause’) get attention at these kinds of conferences. The good news is that Tribeca has recently launched a fund for films like this, and you can be sure I will be getting that application submitted when the grant cycle opens later this summer.

As the grant process takes 6 months, the production will continue to fundraise to speed up our efforts to complete the film and editing while we wait to see what finishing funds are available for the last stage editing including sound sweetening, adding graphics and covering archive licensing fees. More encouraging news for the film, especially as we continue to seek funding, is that two European broadcasters I met with at Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival in June also expressed a strong interest in the film. So this “documentary without a cause’ may get some help from across the pond where there is a strong tradition of showing and supporting indie arts docs.