Whereas, Jini Dellaccio inspired her aim is true production team with the power of her imagination, sharing an artistry that uplifts and transforms our community;

Whereas, Jini’s creativity reflects a wide range of experiences and perspectives that provides valuable role models for future generations;

Whereas, Jini’s photography touches our deepest emotions and “connects” all of us;

Whereas, the production team invites the community around this film to celebrate Support Women Artists Now Day, Saturday, March 31 – the official opening date of Jini’s  show at Gig Harbor History Musuem, in Washington State,  USA,  as a day for sharing Jini’s story and the link to the NEW production website; (

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that I, [Karen Whitehead, Director of “her aim is true], do hereby proclaim March 31st, 2012 as JINI DELLACCIO APPRECIATION DAY!