Guest Post: Who is Jini Dellaccio?

 Guest posting by Graham Austin, Marketing Intern for Her Aim is True

Who is Jini Dellaccio? Up until about a week ago, I hadn’t the slightest clue. As a rising sophomore at the University of Michigan I like to think I know everything—everything that matters anyway. Everything that’s cool. But the truth is, however loath I am to admit it, there is plenty more worth discovering. And amongst the hundreds of names I hear in a week, like a veritable diamond in the rough, Jini Dellaccio is a name worth discovering.

In my media absorbed, fashion obsessed, retro worshipping generation, Ms. Dellaccio represents everything that kids my age revere; she is a pioneering woman, she hung out with all sorts of indie rock bands, and she took damn cool photographs. And yet no one knows about her.  But now that I know about her, for every trendy black and white picture a kid takes with Instagram in their backyard, I can’t help but notice that Ms. Dellaccio was doing it first. Not only did she do it first but, generally speaking, she also did it better. Her photos combine stark composition with a very organic and vibrant sense of motion that results in an array of some very striking images. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she was shooting some of the first punk rockers in her backyard.  And when her work started appearing on album covers, even more musicians flocked to her. Soon she was snapping pictures of Neil Young and capturing candid concert images of the biggest names in rock n roll, all years before Annie Leibovitz was on the scene.

So, who is Jini Dellaccio? Besides being a pioneer in her field and a highly accomplished artist—as if that weren’t enough—she is someone who is as relevant today as I can only imagine she was fifty years ago. And if you are still as clueless to the importance of Jini Dellaccio’s place in history as I was a week ago, I believe her work speaks for itself. After all a picture is worth a thousand words, and Ms. Dellaccio has plenty to say.  Find out more at: