Behind Another Lens

by Graham Austin, Production Intern

Submissions for the photography contest are due on Sunday June 17th so this is the perfect opportunity for an introduction to Lucian Perkins, the photographer who will both be judging the contest, and giving the first prize winner a portfolio critique. In addition to being a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Perkins also worked at the Washington Post as a staff photographer for 27 years.  And, like Jini Dellaccio, he too ended up photographing a burgeoning music scene, but in the D.C. area rather than in Seattle.

In a recent interview with director Karen Whitehead, Perkins advised aspiring documentary photographers to “document what interests you. The passion you have toward the subject will show in your photos”. Perkins followed his own advice when he turned his lens on D.C. punk bands such as Bad Brains after his normal work hours finished, as he “just had fun with it”. His engagement and interest in his subject clearly showed in his final product because once he had enough photos The Washington Post Sunday Magazine ran a story on his material.

What will audiences enjoy about discovering Jini’s photography and story? For Perkins it is clear: “Jini’s enthusiasm for music and photography is infectious. That enthusiasm just might infect the audience to find their own inner passion”.  Perkins’ own photographic passions have ranged from photographing the aforementioned D.C. punk scene, to human rights as he has captured haunting images from wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the former Yugoslavia.

Hopefully the passion that Lucian Perkins brings to his own photography will inspire you all as you prepare for your contributions to the photography contest! Find out more about Lucian Perkins and check out some of his work at these links: