Or…a year end review of 12 stories from inside the Her Aim Is True production, as told by director, Karen Whitehead


Final shoot days on location in Tacoma, Washington State proved to be a nostalgic step back in time when the production gained access to the original site where Jini heard rock ‘n’ roll for the very first time, the Tacoma Armory. Managed by the Washington State National Guard and opened up especially for the production, we revisited that groundbreaking 1960s ‘Teen Dance’ scene, and original Wailer, Buck Ormsby regaled us with stories of how it all happened.)

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Hanging out at a performance by the legendary band Girl Trouble was a result of the close connection production formed with drummer Bon Von Wheelie, long before we had successfully raised the funds to do the Tacoma filming. The band was heavily influenced by their punkish teen dance predecessors, The Wailers and The Sonics and had much to say about Jini’s iconic images that were used on album covers such as “Sonics Boom”.

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A touch of everything ‘Mad Men’ descended upon the production office when we explored the world of 1960s culture in terms of art and design with our graphic design team at Seattle’s award winning design studio, Belle & Wissell.  With their help, the film got its final look and feel. Read more about it here: And:


The film’s director, Karen Whitehead had an amazing opportunity to tell a room full of complete strangers about the film, when invited by Spring Hill Suites, Seattle to be the guest for their annual Art Night initiative; in the crowd were former punk rockers, senior citizens en route to holidays in Alaska and unsuspecting business people – but they all immediately fell in love with Jini’s artistry and unusual story based on a ten minute preview of the film to come!


“With A Loving Eye” opened at Gig Harbor History Museum, the first exhibition of Jini’s work in decades, and featured previously unseen examples of Jini’s fashion portraiture with several large-format prints of her iconic rock images. The production was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to present a workshop about the making of the film surrounded by Jini’s work. Read more here:


Archival hunting is crucial to any film like this, but sometimes you get particularly lucky and in 2012 we found some gems such as a rare album cover of The Wailers, by legendary rock n roll photographer, Jim Marshall which he was inspired to do after seeing Jini’s photographs of the band. (Original Wailer, Buck Ormsby tells us this story in the film.)


Never thought we would have the chance to document the production process on camera, but thanks to the generosity of fellow filmmaker, Isaac Olsen, who followed us around during our Tacoma filming, we did just that!


After we had our rough cut complete, but no prospects for finishing funds, the production needed a constructive injection of “I believe in you” support to complete the film. Fortunately two talented filmmakers came on board to get us to the finish line: executive producer, Karim Chrobog and editor extraordinaire, Kelli Boyd.


Found common ground learning the stories of many unheralded women artists who were influential in their field but largely invisible from mainstream rock music history, when visiting the Washington DC preview for the “Women Who Rock” exhibit and meeting its curator, Meredith Rutledge-Borger from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame.


Three is for Color Correction, Sound Mix and Bonus Scenes! After the techy layer came the fun working with editor Kelli Boyd to create those always appreciated bonus scenes. We can’t wait to share with our supporters these extra insights into Jini’s story…coming soon! 


“Jini” goes global! Nothing like connecting with colleagues from across the US and all over the World at the Women In Film and Television International Summit. Director Karen Whitehead introduced the film and Jini’s artistry when she was a panelist at a session during the three day event.


Is for connecting. Throughout 2012, we expanded the community around this film and ended the year by submitting to film festivals – step one in our bid to reach audiences for Her Aim Is True and hopefully spark many conversations about pursuing creativity, inspired by Jini’s little known story and artistry.

Spread the word because Her Aim Is True is coming in 2013!