FOR JINI – a birthday blog


I am dedicating this birthday post to Jini Dellaccio, a true visionary: musician, artist, photographer turning 97 today.  And thank you to all the film’s supporters, as well as the contributors in the coolest indie music scene who helped us make Her Aim Is True:

Dear Jini, my Birthday wish for you is that the world, through our sharing of your story in Her Aim Is True will finally get to know your name, your artistry and your legacy. My present to you today is a reminder of the inspiration hearing your story and seeing your work has brought film festival audiences – the lucky ones who have discovered you and felt compelled to write a note or two for me to share with you. (The following is an extract from a previous post, “Letters To Jini”)

Your timeless beauty, grace & style has touched me deeply.

 Your  life inspired me beyond my greatest expectations.

 The biggest take away from the film is that there are no boundaries: if you open your heart and follow your passion. Live, love and say yes!

 Thank you so much, very inspiring for this country – so many older people are dismissed as having nothing more to contribute…

 You are an incredible inspiration to MANY! Thank you for sharing your story. I love how you captured the connection and beauty between art and music.

 Your love of people is contagious! Your lens shows me the deepest parts of your subjects and you make me want to know more about you and the musicians you love.

 Your life long love of photography and youthful soul inspire me to always keep true to what I love. I will share your story with others and never forget this connection.

 The film brought many emotions: sadness that I didn’t know this wonderful story, that many didn’t and still don’t know. Joy  – what a pioneer, a quiet inspiration. Excitement – to  add another female leader, artist, story to my list of those who give me hope, help me dream.

 The beauty and genius of your work is your clear eyed innocence – love of people, curiosity and innate sense of design are what made the photographs

Dear Reader,

The greatest way to help celebrate Jini’s Birthday, is to help us share Jini Dellaccio’s story and artistry. We hope to reach audiences everywhere, and partner with programs that are inspiring creative and critical thinking for life. Because #artmatters and #jinidellaccio’s #photography matters.

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