#TBT – Jini’s artistry at the Front of the Room

By Karen Whitehead, director HER AIM IS TRUE

During my conversation with NBC San Diego’s culture and music blog, SoundDiego ahead of our screening tonight at the Museum of Photographic Arts I reminded myself why it is so important that stories like Jini Dellaccio’s find their way into the mainstream.  I bring these notes to this particular Throwback Thursday:

  • 50 plus years on from Jini’s first encounters with ‘the boys from Tacoma’ aka The Sonics,  the film screens just a couple of nights before The Sonics hit town on an historic tour, marking their first album release since 1967.
  • The Sonics new album includes this tribute to Jini Dellaccio:”Lovingly dedicated to Jini Dellaccio by the band she always called, “my boys”
  • One of the most moving scenes in the documentary for me, is when Jini surrounded by vinyl at KEXP Radio Station reflects on her reunion impromptu photo shoot with The Sonics. She told me it was one of the most wonderful nights of her life, and she did not want to “quit it”. She was making plans at 94 to keep on photographing and being around this music scene.  Dellaccio said: “It’s such a gift to me to be here with these people that I care for a lot and hear their music and know how they’re moving on.”
  • This all comes full circle in Spring 2015: Jini Dellaccio’s iconic images, including those remarkable album covers for The Sonics, are on the walls of Easy Street Records, Seattle – as the Sonics jam with special guests including many production friends (Eddie Vedder, Girl Trouble) to mark record store day at a benefit concert for KEXP’s new studio. Jini would have loved it! And she was there, through her incredible images.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had so much support and encouragement throughout the four year production process. Hopefully now so many more generations can find their own inspiration from experiencing Jini Dellaccio’s remarkable approach to life and art as told in Her Aim Is True

You can see my full interview here: NBC SoundDiego but here is a snippet:

I was fascinated by the unique vibe of that music scene, but I thought that telling it from her perspective, that’s what drew me in. All that creativity and her no-fear mentality would come through in her story. She was just there in the middle of it all, among these garage bands. She respected who they were and their music. I think that was a very critical moment in rock photography, because she really made you feel something about her subjects and what they’re trying to do with their music.

Jini Dellaccio, surrounded by records at KEXP, Seattle, after reuniting with The Sonics!

Jini Dellaccio, surrounded by records at KEXP, Seattle, after reuniting with The Sonics!