“Engaging” “Beautiful” “Empowering”  “Masterful film”

—Seattle International Film Festival Reviews



Art. Music. Photography. An undiscovered American master.

“Jini’s photos are the template for cool. Any rock band since Jini’s photos were released has wanted to look exactly like that.”
—Bon Von Wheelie (Girl Trouble)

“Thank you for “discovering” Jini and her magical story. This is one of the best docs I’ve seen in a long time.”
—Beth Jasper, Programmer Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival

“Please see this documentary if you are craving to see how one person capturing a few rock   bands in photos can give them a scene, and raise them to international acclaim, and herself   into a world very receptive to her creative and thriving works of love.”
—Chris Estey (KEXP Blog)

In 1964, a middle-aged self-taught photographer, Jini Dellaccio, began hanging out with raucous garage bands like The Sonics in her backyard, creating startling images and innovative album covers. Soon she was grabbing unprecedented portraits of Neil Young and early performances by bands like The Who, Rolling Stones, and Mamas & Papas. Musicians and rock photographers join Jini Dellaccio on an inspiring tour of her ingenuity and style, with a soundtrack and interviews that capture the Pacific Northwest’s vibrant music subculture. At the heart of this film though, is a legacy lost and found in an enduring story about love, creativity and indie spirit, with universal appeal.