Docs, Rock & Roles

Why I made a film about a 97 year old woman you have never heard of…and why I won’t stop championing “the female eye” by Karen Whitehead, director Her Aim Is True Ironic… Continue reading

HER AIM IS TRUE: Refined Beauty Combined with a Raw Eclectic Edge

Originally posted on Vanguard Culture:
HER AIM IS TRUE HER AIM IS TRUE Article by Sherehe Hollins HER AIM IS TRUE, a documentary film by Karen Whitehead, tells the story of legendary rock…

#TBT – Jini’s artistry at the Front of the Room

By Karen Whitehead, director HER AIM IS TRUE During my conversation with NBC San Diego’s culture and music blog, SoundDiego ahead of our screening tonight at the Museum of Photographic Arts I reminded myself… Continue reading

MOMENTS OF JINI: A life of synchronicity in music and photography

A Personal Remembrance by Her Aim Is True director, Karen Whitehead Having spent the last few years being connected to Jini, her remarkable artistry and life story, there are many beautiful memories to… Continue reading

Finding the First Woman Photographer of Cool: Jini Dellaccio

Originally posted on Photofocus (old site):
This is a guest post by Karen Whitehead, a film director.  She’s completed her film on Jini Dellaccio called “Her Aim is True.” If you were asked to…

FINDING MY SHERO – my journey into indie doc land

BY KAREN WHITEHEAD, director, Her Aim Is True As I became a teenager in London in the late Seventies, I was fortunate to witness two exciting cultural phenomenons; the indie music punk scene… Continue reading

FOR JINI – a birthday blog

BY KAREN WHITEHEAD, director HER AIM IS TRUE I am dedicating this birthday post to Jini Dellaccio, a true visionary: musician, artist, photographer turning 97 today.  And thank you to all the film’s… Continue reading

The Twelve “Doc” Tales of Christmas 2013

(12 memorable moments in the year indie film Her Aim Is True set out on a journey to reach audiences & screenings after 3 years of production!) TWELVE Is for our very final edit… Continue reading

Letters To Jini

By Her Aim Is True director, Karen Whitehead There was something quite magical about watching enthused audiences scribbling notes to a woman who had been a complete stranger to them less than two… Continue reading

Abating the Angst (And finding Her Aim Is True!)

Guest Post by Jon DeMaio, student of film & part-time production intern As I sit in a class that explores the indefinite definition of American “independent” cinema in my senior year at Wesleyan… Continue reading