Fashioning Docs

By Her Aim Is True director, Karen Whitehead Early on in production, I found myself immersed in the bold strokes of 1960s fashion and design chic – and the cultural underpinnings of my… Continue reading

Moving Images

American documentary filmmaker Ken Burns recently talked about his views on the technique often used in historical films to bring photos “alive” – particularly when there is no other archival footage available.  In… Continue reading

“Designing” HER AIM IS TRUE

By Her Aim Is True director, Karen Whitehead Watch any film or TV show and it is the story that draws you in. If it is compelling, (and we are confident Her Aim… Continue reading

Behind Another Lens

by Graham Austin, Production Intern Submissions for the photography contest are due on Sunday June 17th so this is the perfect opportunity for an introduction to Lucian Perkins, the photographer who will both… Continue reading

Guest Post: Who is Jini Dellaccio?

 Guest posting by Graham Austin, Marketing Intern for Her Aim is True Who is Jini Dellaccio? Up until about a week ago, I hadn’t the slightest clue. As a rising sophomore at the… Continue reading


Whereas, Jini Dellaccio inspired her aim is true production team with the power of her imagination, sharing an artistry that uplifts and transforms our community; Whereas, Jini’s creativity reflects a wide range of… Continue reading

Greetings from the Edit Suite

Thanks for all the support from our donors we are in the process of completing the film now. Here is a sneak peak from the very last production shoot day, which we fittingly… Continue reading

Kathi Rabil on Social Media Philantrophy

SOCIAL MEDIA PHILANTHROPY: “HER AIM IS TRUE” Today we’re featuring an interview with the film director by social media strategist and Slice CEO, Kathi Rabil. Kathi writes: “I didn’t know a lot about… Continue reading

Guest Post: How We Live is How We Make Art

A special guest posting by Dan Neumann, rough-cut editor for Her Aim is True I have been involved in the documentary since August and as we are busy developing the film’s central theme… Continue reading

Production Rocks On!

The production team has expanded and we are hard at work on archives — the bug in the bed that riddles only the luckiest of documentary forms. We’ve gone to libraries, historic collections,… Continue reading