How soon is now? A tale of artful funding

With apologies to Charles Dickens, I think the indie arts funding landscape could not be better described: It was the best of times. (Thanks to crowdsourcing opportunities like Kickstarter, democratizing philanthropy) It was… Continue reading

Summer Festival Roundup

From Sheffield to Silverdocs, it has been a hectic but exciting time for the production. Highlight of the Silverdocs festival was the session I attended on funding arts documentaries moderated by David Wilson,… Continue reading

Be a Part of the Experience!

Telling Stories… In recent weeks I have been thinking more and more about what is so amazing to me about this and one of the reasons that I am a filmmaker is the positive… Continue reading

Marianne Spellman on Her Aim is True

“ROCK PHOTOGRAPHER JINI DELLACCIO: AN ORIGINAL INDIE” This month we are featuring a terrific blog post written about Jini by Popthomology blogger and Jini documentary supporter, Marianne Spellman. Marianne writes: “In thinking about the… Continue reading

Live & Kicking on Kickstarter!

Just as National Advocate for the Arts day got underway, the production launched a unique campaign on the crowdsourcing online platform, Kickstarter.  For the price of a night out at the movies with… Continue reading

Finding an Audience

In a way you’re on a serendipitous journey, a journey which is much more akin to the life experience. When you see somebody on the screen in a documentary, you’re really engaged with… Continue reading

Adventures in Fundraising

This month we have been concentrating our efforts on funding our creativity through a great crowd-sourcing website called Kickstarter!  This is particularly important for an indie arts documentary like the Jini Dellaccio Film… Continue reading