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Journey behind the lens of unlikely rock and roll photographer, Jini Dellaccio who visualized punk before it had a name and embodied indie before it was cool. In tracing Jini’s courageous and convention-defying pursuit of creativity, discover a riveting story of an artistic legacy lost and found.

In the early 1960s, rock ‘n’ roll was supposed to be for kids. While the Beatles were premiering A Hard Day’s Night, a raucous, dangerous sound was emerging in the northwest United States in the working class towns around Seattle. Youngsters were doing a dance called the Witch and garage bands were producing their own records with songs about drinking strychnine for kicks. Bands like The Wailers and The Sonics were punk before there was a name for it. And in the middle of the crowd, a 48-year-old self-taught photographer named Jini Dellaccio had finally found her subject. A shy, unassuming farm girl from Indiana, Jini got the rockers to be themselves, while being old enough to be their mother.

Dellaccio’s signature approach was for the bands to be climbing trees, peering through the mist or surrounded by great works of architecture and sculpture in their Beatle Boots. Rejecting the boring five-member line-up band photograph, established Dellaccio as one of the most exciting, innovative composers in rock photography and through her lens, these garage bands, dismissed by other adults, saw for the first time that what they were doing could truly be art.

Shot entirely on location in the Pacific Northwest, Her Aim Is True goes behind Dellaccio’s lens to trace the roots of her avant-garde artistry, her fearless life and the unlikely friendships she formed. Jini recalls her Depression era childhood, her days traveling on the road in all-girl jazz bands, and the critical influence of her mother, who made music as important as meals. The film has an original soundtrack and evocative archival material as well as commentary on Dellaccio’s unheralded legacy by distinguished rock photographers and musicians from then and now.

In many ways, Jini Dellaccio’s unquenchable need to realize a new form of photography ran parallel with the do-it-yourself attitude of the music bands she documented but in the course of the film, and thanks to Jini’s charming storytelling, the audience gets an unusual and inspiring demonstration of carpe diem spirit which resonates with all of us about how we live our lives and pursue creativity.

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When I first met Jini (she was 92 at the time), I was immediately intrigued by her vivacious spirit and cool stories. It wasn’t until I started digging around the Pacific Northwest music scene that I realized I had been in the presence of a very unusual woman. With her Hasselblad camera in hand, Jini changed the formula, and brought a new sensibility to rock band photo shoots while barely any other women photographers had professional careers, let alone ones in rock ‘n’ roll.

Curiosity and indignation fuelled my determination to make this film. Curiosity – how did this elegant, unassuming woman wind up spending her middle age documenting garage rockers? Indignation – why had Jini’s artistic ingenuity been tucked away on the sidelines of our cultural history? But I wanted to craft something much more than a retrospective about a reclusive artist. Instead, I envisioned a fun, engaging journey around Jini’s ‘ageless’ artistry. The film is meticulously crafted around a series of encounters that explore Jini’s unique relationship with the bands and the strong connection between their role as innovators in music and Jini’s own independent spirit.

The film’s narrative takes its cue from Jini’s intense passion for her art, her creative process and influences. Through the telling of this story, I set out to share something that speaks to all of us about pursuing our dreams and creativity. I am hoping her aim is true will have universal appeal, with a tone that is at once intimate, inspiring and nostalgic.

– Karen Whitehead



Washington DC-based British filmmaker and former BBC producer Karen Whitehead is making her indie doc directorial debut with this film, which received fiscal sponsorship from Northwest Film Forum. Her Seattle-based crew includes renowned filmmaker and cinematographer John Jeffcoat (Outsourced & Big In Japan) and Ryan McMackin. The film is edited by Kelli Boyd and art direction is by Gabe Kean, from the multi-award winning design studio Belle & Wissell.  Karen’s co-producer is award-winning filmmaker Karim Chrobog (War Child). Eddie Vedder (“Pearl Jam”)  is also an executive producer of the film.