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Lost and Found in Seattle

By Her Aim Is True director, Karen Whitehead What drives dozens of talented musicians who have had legendary careers fusing rock, blues and folk since the early 1960s to come together in a… Continue reading

Only Connect

By Her Aim Is True director, Karen Whitehead When I was writing the end of year review for the production (The twelve doc tales of christmas) what I described was the community around… Continue reading


Or…a year end review of 12 stories from inside the Her Aim Is True production, as told by director, Karen Whitehead TWELVE Final shoot days on location in Tacoma, Washington State proved to be… Continue reading

WHEN ROCK WAS YOUNG – a personal tale from the production’s research file

By Her Aim Is True director, Karen Whitehead One of the first things I learned as a reporter was that sometimes the best stories you get to write about are the unexpected ones,… Continue reading


By Her Aim Is True director, Karen Whitehead For a few years now, I have shared a close affinity with the subject of my film, Jini Dellaccio, not least because we are both… Continue reading


By Her Aim Is True director, Karen Whitehead Last night I sat in a room filled with an inspiring group of women dedicated to crafting and sharing vital, engaging and entertaining stories with… Continue reading

Fashioning Docs

By Her Aim Is True director, Karen Whitehead Early on in production, I found myself immersed in the bold strokes of 1960s fashion and design chic – and the cultural underpinnings of my… Continue reading

Moving Images

American documentary filmmaker Ken Burns recently talked about his views on the technique often used in historical films to bring photos “alive” – particularly when there is no other archival footage available.  In… Continue reading


Whereas, Jini Dellaccio inspired her aim is true production team with the power of her imagination, sharing an artistry that uplifts and transforms our community; Whereas, Jini’s creativity reflects a wide range of… Continue reading

Greetings from the Edit Suite

Thanks for all the support from our donors we are in the process of completing the film now. Here is a sneak peak from the very last production shoot day, which we fittingly… Continue reading